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Research interests:

My current research focuses on the economic and environmental impact of agroecology if practiced large scales. I’m particularly interested in:

  • the determinants of crop and production location in space and time;
  • the sustainability assessment of value chains, in particular for certified products (PDO, PGI, organic food);
  • the uncertainty, costs and inefficiencies associated with monitoring rules in carbon pricing mechanisms;
  • how the economic and environmental impact the same agricultural practice (eg. integrated pest management) may differ in space.



My initial training was in functional ecology. In particular, my PhD involved developing a forest management module within a global vegetation model. In parallel and after that, I became a specialist in climate economics through positions at the Environmental Defense Fund, the Papua New Guinean delegation to the UNFCCC and CDC Climat – a subsidiary of Caisse des depots dedicated to carbon markets and other climate mitigation policies. I continue to act as an accredited UNFCCC reviewer for national greenhouse gas inventories.


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