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The objective of the RENESSENS survey is to identify factors that affect appetite and food consumption in the dependent elderly people. During two interviews at your home, we will ask many questions about your habits and your food preferences.

Who can take part ? Any person older than 65 who receives help for their shopping or cooking, or uses a meals-on-wheels service or who lives in an EHPAD and is a resident of one of the four following departments: Côte d'Or (Dijon and surrounding area), Maine et Loire (Angers and surrounding area), Puy-de-Dôme (Clermont-Ferrand, Issoire and surrounding area) or Paris and its suburbs.



The objective of the ALIMASSENS panel is to better understand the impact of oro-dental problems that elderly people may suffer from on eating and diet. The participants selected for this study will be invited to go to INRAE to fill in different questionnaires (food habits, food preferences...) and to take part in different tests (salivation tests, chewing tests, sensory tests ).

Who can take part ? Any person older than 65, living at home in Dijon or the surrounding area. We are particularly looking for people who have difficulty chewing or who suffer from a dry mouth.


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