Exploring the microbial world To better protect our environment


  • Conservatory
    National Centre for Soil Genetic Resources (CRG) (unique in Europe), the goal of which is to store and conserve genetic resources (DNA) and make them available to the scientific community.

    Most of the stored soil samples come from soil survey networks (national and European), long term observatory (INRA, CNRS, IRD, Agricultural Institutes …) and farm networks. All these sites are involved in inquiries associated with the environmental evaluation of land use and Platform GenoSol provides the appropriate logistics to strengthen and facilitate soil biodiversity studies within these systems. At present, more than 8 500 soils are stored in the CRG and 1500 new soils are scheduled to be acquired each year.

  • Technical platform
    The technical platform is responsible for development and technological survey of the methods used to extract nucleic acids from the soil and environment and the tools used to characterize microbial genetic resources (genotyping, mass sequencing, metagenomics, metaproteomics, activity measurements…).

    This platform is improving the standardization of procedures and molecular tools, the aim being to obtain AFNOR and ISO recognition. In 2010 a partnership with Genoscope was created to facilitate the development of high throughput sequencing techniques to tackle soil microbial diversity.

  • Environmental Information System
    The Environmental Information System (SIE) is focused on development of the “MicroSol-database©”-

    Firstly, to allow management of the CRG and traceability of its samples and secondly, the storage and analysis of soil genetic data (taxonomic, functional). At present, this data base constitutes the most comprehensive and exhaustive reference system for soil microbial biodiversity. 

  • Project Submission
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