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Bayer Code : vicna

Scientific name: Vicia narbonensis L.

Synonym(s) of Sc. name:

Classification: Leguminosae, Dicotyledonous

Common name: narbonne vetch

Synonym(s) of Common name:

Name per country: DE : Schwarze Ackebohne ; ES : arbejón ; FR : vesce de Narbonne ; IT : veccia selvaggia ; PT : ervilhaca-de-Narborne ; EN : narbonne vetch ;

Biological type: Annual

Seed snapshot Seed:


Seedling snapshot Seedling snapshot Seedling:

- Cotyledons obscure (hypogeal germination).

- Leaves entire , elliptic to ovate , regularly dentate .

Adult plant snapshot Adult plant snapshot Adult plant:

- Height: 30-60 cm. Plant robust, erect and pubescent.

- Stem 4-angled, furrowed, hollow, usually not branched.

- Lower leaves alternate usually with a single pair of leaflets ; upper leaves with 1-3 pairs of leaflets ovate, large 20-50 x 20-30 mm, obtuse or emarginate apex.

- Flowers dark-purple or purple to white, 1-5 on short peduncle, axillary, large 15-30 mm.

- Fruit : blackish pods when ripe, openings with tubercled hairs, 30-60 x 10-15 mm.

-Rare in crops. Plant protected in Charentes-Poitou (decree 19/04/88).[France]

- Biological type: annual.

Mistake with: Vicia bithynica

Ecological profile (click on flags): Spain   Rare     France  Rare     Portugal  Rare    

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