CSGA Newsletter #8


  Welcome to the CSGA Newsletter! The "Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l'Alimentation" brings together 10 research teams with cutting-edge facilities, all working on sensory perception, food behaviors, their regulation, and their consequences on well-being and health, with a great diversity of models, technologies and designs. Our projects involve international partners from academy and industry and 70% of our publications are co-signed with our collaborators. We invite you, now, to discover our latest advances and news:

Impact of the motherís odour on illusory face perception in infants

At 4 months of age, brain activity reveals that infants perceive faces in everyday objects if they are exposed to their motherís smell.


Identification of eater profiles in the older population

Aging goes with physiological, sensorial, psychological and sociological changes that can have an impact on seniorsí food behaviour and nutritional status. To identify profiles of eaters among an older population, a large study was carried out among French people aged over 65 years old.


Drink hot beverages could reduce our ability to perceive the tastes

Some food items are consumed very hot, notably beverages like tea or coffee. CSGA researchers have assess the impact on taste sensitivity of regular consumption of very hot beverages.


Mice and Cows are able to perceive humansí emotions thanks to odour

Are animals able to perceive human emotions via olfactory signals? CSGA researchers have tested whether the smell of a stressed human alters the behaviour of cows and mice.


Culinary dependence and undernutrition in the elderly

Research conducted by the CSGA has shown that among elderly people who delegate all or part of their diet to a third party (home care provider, meal delivery, institution), one person out of two is at risk of undernutrition or malnutrition.


Are educational practices gendered regarding feeding behaviors?

The educational practices of parents with regard to food have a significant impact on the behavior of young children... However, most researches have focused on mothers. As part of her thesis work, Kaat Philippe also gave fathers a voice.


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