CSGA Newsletter #4


  Welcome to the CSGA Newsletter! The "Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l'Alimentation" brings together 10 research teams with cutting-edge facilities, all working on sensory perception, food behaviors, their regulation, and their consequences on well-being and health, with a great diversity of models, technologies and designs. Our projects involve international partners from academy and industry and 70% of our publications are co-signed with our collaborators. We invite you, now, to discover our latest advances and news:

Developing food recipes tailored to the masticatory abilities of the elderly

Researchers from the CSGA have recently launched a research and crowdfunding project to develop a recipe book for cooking dishes tailored to the masticatory abilities of the elderly while maintaining eating pleasure and appetite. https://thellie.org/alimadent


High fat high sugar diet: the salivary glands of rug rats react!

Salivary glands play a key role in maintaining sufficient and good quality salivation, which is vital for instance in terms of oral health and taste perception of foods. In collaboration with INRA Nantes, researchers from the CSGA studied the effect of a maternal diet high in fat and sugar on the salivary glands of the progeny in rats.


Nervous control of insulin secretion: the mitochondria of the hypothalamus brought to light.

Controlling the blood glucose level is a complex mechanism that relies on several pathways. A poorly known mechanism relies on the activation of brain glucose-sensitive neurons, within a brain structure called the hypothalamus. The team headed by Pr. Corinne Leloup examined the effects of a diabetogenic diet on this nervous response.


Olfactory preferences in infants: what if it all start in the motherís womb?

Researchers from the CSGA have studied the impact of early sensory exposures experienced in utero as well as during breastfeeding and weaning on the subsequent olfactory preferences in the infant.


Fatty perception: the sixth primary taste?

CSGA researchers have shown taste responses in gustatory areas of the brain by free fatty acids. A major result which would permit to better understand the perception of fat in human.


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