CSGA Newsletter #11


  Welcome to the CSGA Newsletter! The "Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l'Alimentation" brings together 10 research teams with cutting-edge facilities, all working on sensory perception, food behaviors, their regulation, and their consequences on well-being and health, with a great diversity of models, technologies and designs. Our projects involve international partners from academy and industry and 70% of our publications are co-signed with our collaborators. We invite you, now, to discover our latest advances and news:

Two odours to protect our orchards: A revolutionary strategy to control insect pests

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Using odours to protect orchards from insect pests: this is the successful bet of CSGA researchers who have developed DrosoMous. This cocktail of odours is an effective anaphrodisiac to protect crops from harmful insects while respecting biodiversity and environment.


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