Mycorriza Manual

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Manipulation and Staining of Spores and Roots

  1. Spore and Root Extraction from Pot Cultures/Field Samples
  2. Making a permanent slide mount for reference or BEG registration
  3. Histochemical Staining of Total AMF Mycelium in Roots
  4. Histochemical staining of active AMF mycelium in roots
  5. Estimation of AMF colonisation
  6. Histochemical Staining of Total and Active Soil Mycelium

DNA Techniques: PCR of ribosomal DNA from spores

Practical aspects of PCR

  1. Preparation of the nucleic acids
  2. Preparation of the PCR reaction
  3. Gel electrophoresis
  4. Nested PCR Reaction
DNA Techniques: PCR-SSCP analysis
  1. DNA extraction
  2. Extraction of DNA from fungal isolates
  3. Extraction of DNA from plant root material
  4. DNA extraction from AMF spores
  5. PCR
  6. Optimisation of SSCP
  7. The gel

Compartment systems for ecophysiological studies of AMF

  1. Three-compartment rootbox to estimate in soil hyphal element uptake capacity
  2. Minicompartment system to determine phosphate uptake from different soil layers

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