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Bayer Code : lthap

Scientific name: Lathyrus aphaca L.

Synonym(s) of Sc. name:

Classification: Leguminosae, Dicotyledonous

Common name: yellow vetchling

Synonym(s) of Common name:

Name per country: DE : Ranken-Platterbse ; ES : afaca ; FR : gesse sans feuilles ; IT : cicerchia bastarda ; PT : ervilhaca-olho-de-boneca ; EN : yellow vetchling ;

Biological type: Annual

Seed snapshot Seed:


Seedling snapshot Seedling:

- Cotyledons invisible (hypogeal germination).

- Leaves hastate or cordate.

Adult plant snapshot Adult plant:

- Height: 10-60 cm. Plant glabrous.

- Stem simple or branched, climbing.

- Leaves turned into simple tendrills. Only the former leaves have a pair of leaflets. Next leaves with only 2 long hastate stipules, deltoid, hastate at the base, sessile, 10-30 mm long, opposite ; light-green to grey-green.

- Flowers light-yellow, 8-10 mm, solitary in the axil of tendrils. Bract reduced to a small scale. Calyx tubular and straight, standard emarginate often purple-striped, keel curved and whitish.

- Fruit : pod 20-30 mm x 4-8 mm, linear, flattened and falcate; glabrous, dull, greenish or brownish. In each pod 4-8 seeds, 3-4 mm, ovate and flattened, dull, brown or black.

- Biological type: Annual.

Ecological profile (click on flags): Germany   Rare     Spain  Present     France  Present     Portugal  Present    

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