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Bayer Code : eroci

Scientific name: Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Heritier

Synonym(s) of Sc. name:

Classification: Geraniaceae, Dicotyledonous

Common name: common stork's-bill

Name per country: DE : Schierlings-Reiherschnabel ; ES : aguja de pastor ; FR : érodium à feuilles de ciguë ; IT : becco di grù comune ; PT : bico-de-cegonha. ; EN : common stork's-bill (GB), EN : redstem filaree (U.S.A.) ; NL : gewone en duinreigersbeck ; DK : hejrenæb

Biological type: Annual, Biennial

Seed snapshot Seed:


Seedling snapshot Seedling:

- Cotyledons divided.

- Leaves pinnately divided.

Adult plant snapshotAdult plant snapshot Adult plant:

- Height: 5-100 cm.

- Stem prostrate or ascending, simple or branched, hairy.

- Basal leaves in rosette close to the ground. Leaves stiffly hairy, red-tinged. Hairs stiff, erect, scarce or dense; often glandular above. Leaves opposite, variable in form, pinnatifid or 2-pinnatifid, with ovate or linear teeth, lanceolate, acute or truncate at the apex.

- Flowers red, pink or white, solitary or 2-8 in umbels. Peduncles 10-20 mm long, usually longer than the leaves, covered with short scarce hairs. Sepals 4-7 mm, acute or awned. Petals truncate, rounded.

- Fruit : appressed hairs on valves and beak, long-haired suture, cylindric and smooth seed.

- Biological type: Annual or biennial.

Ecological profile (click on flags): BeneLux   Present     Germany  Present     Denmark  Present     Spain  Present     France  Present     Great Britain  Rare     Italy  Present     Portugal  Present    

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