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Bayer Code : erobo

Scientific name: Erodium botrys (Cav.) Bertoloni

Synonym(s) of Sc. name:

Classification: Geraniaceae, Dicotyledonous

Common name: mediterranean stork's-bill

Synonym(s) of Common name:

Name per country: DE : Reiherschnabel ; ES : relojitos ; FR : érodium en grappe ; IT : becco di grù botri ; PT : relógios ; EN : mediterranean stork's-bill ;

Biological type: Annual

Seed snapshotSeed snapshot Seed:



- Cotyledons auriculate, divided.

- Leaves entire, deeply notched.

Adult plant snapshotAdult plant snapshotAdult plant snapshot Adult plant:

- Height: 10-40 cm. Plant glandular -hairy.

- Stem robust, very swollen at the nodes.

- Leaves ovate or oblong, basal pinnately cut, cauline 2-pinnatifid with incised-dentate lobes.

- Flowers mauve, large, veined, 1 to 4 on peduncles longer than the leaf. Petals half time longer than the calyx. Bracteoles small acute at the apex.

- Fruit with 2-4 concentric-furrowed valves, beak 8-10 cm long.

- Rare in crops. Plant protected in Bretagne (decree 23/07/87). [France].

- Biological type: Annual.

Ecological profile (click on flags): Spain   Rare     France  Rare     Portugal  Present    

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