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The central aim of my research is to understand the role of perceptual interactions, induced by odor mixtures processing and cross-modal integration, in odor objects and food flavor coding and perception. The objective is to unravel the chemical and biological mechanisms of food flavor construction and perception in order to develop a healthier diet, but nonetheless tasty, which may be better appreciated by consumers and therefore contribute to their health and wellness in a sustainable way.



2015 Habilitation Thesis, Food Science, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France.

1997 PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Lyon-1, Lyon, France.

1993 MSc in Organic Chemistry, University of Lyon-1, Lyon, France.

1993 Chemical engineer, CPE Lyon (ESCIL), Lyon, France.


Professional experience

2019- Senior Research Scientist, INRAE, Dijon, France.

2003-2018 Junior Research Scientist, INRA, Dijon, France.

2000-2002 Postdoc in Dr. Catherine Rouby Lab, Neuroscience & Sensory Systems, Lyon, France.

1998-1999 Postdoc in Dr. Paul Laffort Lab, Psychophysics, European Centre for Taste Sciences, Dijon, France.

1994-1997 PhD in Pr. Maurice Chastrette Lab, Chemistry of odors, University of Lyon-1, Lyon, France.


Research topic

Chemosensory perception, perceptual interactions, odor mixtures, cross-modal interactions, food flavor perception and analysis



Psychophysics, Sensory evaluation, Food flavor chemistry, Olfactometry, Neurobiology, Modelling


Recent publications

Romagny, S., Coureaud, G., & Thomas-Danguin, T. (2018). Key odorants or key associations? Insights into elemental and configural odour processing. Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 33(1), 97–105.

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PhD surpervision

Christopher AVELINE, PhD, ongoing, University of Burgundy, Dijon (France). Understanding the mental representation of food to design healthy but tasty food: Evidence of unconscious brain mechanisms underpinning aroma-induced flavor enhancement.

Alice ROCHE, PhD, 2018, University of Burgundy, Dijon (France). Towards the improvement of food flavor analysis through the modelling of olfactometry data and expert knowledge integration.

Adiansyah SYARIFUDDIN, PhD, 2015, University of Burgundy, Dijon (France). Multisensory integration as a strategy to compensate for sodium and fat reduction in food.

Sébastien ROMAGNY, PhD, 2015, University of Burgundy, Dijon (France). Sensory, cognitive and behavioral processes involved in the perception of complex food odor mixtures in newborn rabbits and humans.


Additional responsibilities

Editorial board member of International Journal of Food Science, Flavour and Fragrance Journal, Heliyon.

Teaching at Master level: Food flavor, Sensory integration, Chemosensory perception, Psychophysics of the chemical senses.