The project ProFood2C is an exploration mission jointly conducted by researchers from 3 research centers: UMR CESAER, UMR PAM, and UMR CSGA, to observe the food supply system of Vietnamese cities. Our interdisciplinary team makes field visits at farms, wholesale and retail (open) markets in Vietnam, and identify the way that food is provided to urban consumers here. The objectives are to track the supply chains of some main agricultural products (vegetables and meats in particular), and to understand their conditions of production, distribution and conservation.

Vietnam supports strongly local food policy. Megalopolis city like Hanoi with 4 millions inhabitants is largely fed by the local foodshed. This system could produce interesting benchmarking with French food system. At the same time, it also has several weaknesses. Vietnam is facing serious sanitary problems, due to intensive modes of production and unregulated food processing. Our mission also consists on identifying underlying factors of these weaknesses.

ProFood2C is carried out in continuity with previous cooperations between AgroSup Dijon and Hanoi’s research centers, such as the Department of Food Technology of Hanoi University of Sciences and Technologies, Vietnam Fruits and Vegetables Research Institute, Vietnam Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development. It involves participations of French colleagues of CIRAD, South East Asia Office.

Some recent publications relating to food system and food safety situation in Vietnam :

  • Our free Ebook on Vietnam’s Food safety issues, in Vietnamese and in French
  • Our Policy brief in English and in Vietnamese, issued from a joint workshop in Hanoi, in June 2017